16 brilliant parenting hacks that will make life with kids just a little easier

Being a parent is probably the toughest job in the world and these few tricks would make life a little easier. Most parents, who have taken the help of these hacks to make life orderly and systematic, have reaped the benefits almost immediately.

1. A rubber band can keep your child from getting locked in the bathroom.

2. Make a bracelet for your child with your phone number on it

3. Make household chores into a game so they’ll want to be a part of it

4. Use a barrette to hold together the straps of a loose tank top

5. Use temporary tattoos with your information when you’re going out to a busy, public place.

6. Putting a medicine dropper in an open pacifier makes administering medicine much less traumatic.

7. Turn an old DVD case into a coloring case with just a few pencils and paper.

8. Use a disposable coffee lid to keep popsicles from turning into a huge mess.

9. Instead of having to cut each piece of food into tiny bites with a knife, use a pizza cutter.

10. Cover a pack and play with a fitted sheet, and your child can stay cool outside without being eaten alive by bugs.

11. Use a pool noodle under a fitted sheet to keep your child from falling out of bed.

12. A pool noodle keeps little fingers from getting caught in the door.

13. Use a hot glue gun to seal bath toys.

14. Empty soap bottles become water balloon pumps.

15. Cut open a lotion bottle to make a longer faucet so small hands can reach the water.

16. Get your kids to love food they’d usually ignore by adding sprinkles.

Source from: 22 Words– http://twentytwowords.com/27-amazing-parenting-hacks/