Are groceries really cheaper after 0% GST?

So zero-rated GST is implemented effect from 1st June, but have you ever wondered if the goods are really cheaper as what the supermarkets have been promoting? Well, let’s find out with Hargapedia!

A list of 100 items which comprised of groceries, household, health & beauty products will be monitored at 6 different retailers- Giant, Tesco, Econsave, Aeon Big, Aeon and 99Speedmart. These items will be checked in 4 different stages:-

  • Stage 1 (24-25 May)- One week before the implementation of zero-rated GST
  • Stage 2 (30-31 May)- Two days before the implementation of zero-rated GST
  • Stage 3 (1-2 June)- First two days of Zero-rated GST
  • Stage 4 (7-8 June) – A week after Zero-rated GST implementation

On a side note, some items with no price indicate that they may be out of stock or not available in the aforementioned outlets.

Stay tuned!

We Monitor, You Compare!

So now is approximately one week after the implementation of GST 0%. What is the price change like?

Below are the results for Stage 4:

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Aeon Big



Disclaimer: Some items checked on 1/2 June are on promotion. Prices with (*) indicate that they are promotional prices.