Moving liquids to solids in an exciting time; comes with a set of instruction

Having baby transition from liquids-only to solid foods is a big milestone! And while it is important to trust your instincts, there is a timeline for when to introduce certain foods to baby.

Baby Food Timeline

First four to six months

Its best to keep his or her feedings to breast milk or formula only. It is not until this age that babies begin to have the skills necessary to chew and swallow food properly, not to mention their digestive systems are still developing.

At four to six months of age

Your baby will be ready to try pureed fruits and vegetables, such as avocados, bananas and sweet potatoes, and semi-liquid cereals, such as a sing-grain rice cereal or oatmeal.

When baby hits the six to eight month

Mark it is time to introduce more pureed and strained fruits and vegetables, pureed meat and beans and some yogurt and cereal. Good options include peaches, carrots, chicken, and edamame. Just be sure to avoid cow’s milk products until baby has reached age one.

Between the age of eight and ten months

Baby can begin eating some finger foods and cheese. Have him or her try soft pasteurized or cottage cheese, well-cooked spiral pasta, scrambled eggs and boneless fish. Continue introducing different kinds of fruits and vegetables, meats and beans, too!

At 10 to 12 months

Baby is ready for dairy, citrus, combo foods and more. Introduce o-shaped cereals, lemons and mac & cheese. (And be sure to have a camera handy the first time he or she tastes lemons. It’s hilarious!)

The key to adding different types of food to baby’s diet is to do it one by one. This is especially important for determining if he or she has any allergies.

There are also some foods that little ones should stay away from until they reach the age of one. These include honey, whole milk, grapes, nuts and candy. Honey can cause infant botulism, whole milk is hard for babies to digest, grapes and nuts can be choking hazards (and nuts are a common allergy) and sugar-filled sweets can cause tooth decay and depending on the sweet can be a choking hazard, too.

Moving from liquids to solids is an exciting time in your little one’s life, but it definitely comes with a set of instructions! Keep this graphic handy to know when to introduce certain foods to baby.

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