New product launched in first half of 2018

They have launched new product but do you notice it while doing your groceries shopping? You might missed them while browsing through the shelf. Let’s check the new product in the market.

This popular carbonated drinks come out with new flavor which they opt for a healthier selection with adding stevia in their new recipe.


Pepsi also in the bandwagon by launching their latest product ‘Pepsi Black’ that has no calorie in their drinks.


100 PLUS isotonic drink too, adding new variation to their range by introducing this ‘100 PLUS Reduced Sugar’ that has 33% less sugar than the original.


Milk lover will love to try this new limited edition flavor from Dutch Lady. They have chocolate caramel flavored milk that may entice you to try it.


With the rave of Korean wave, Mamee have come out with ‘Mamee Shinsegae Daebak’ that has 2 flavors to choose from, the spicy fried chicken and spicy kimchi.


This product from Snickers is putting chocolate and oat into their new recipe.


(photo credit:Nutriplus Eggs Facebook)

Hey, NutriPlus have added new item to their range that you can choose from.


(photo credit:King’s Potong Ice Cream Facebook)

Ice cream enthusiast out there can look for this newly introduce flavor in the market. They have ‘Black Sesame’ and ‘Thai Mango’.


(photo credit:Munchy’s)

Munchy’s has added this new flavor that may attract the chocolate lovers with their ‘CHOC-O’ selection.


‘Dumex Dugro Sure’ is the new item introduced in the market for your kids.


You can try this new product, who knows you may ‘fall in love’ with this new product…


–By Hargapedia