Reasons Why Cats Are So Afraid of Cucumbers

Why are cats scared of cucumbers? You’ve probably seen the videos of cats bouncing into the air after being frightened by cucumbers, but are they actually afraid of the harmless, green vegetable?

The viral videos of cats being scared by cucumbers are everywhere. By simply putting an elongated, green vegetable behind an unexpecting feline, these cat owners are making their pets leaping high into the air in terror.

The only possible reason is that cats might be mistaking the cucumber as a predator. According to National Geographic, our feline friends probably think the cucumber is a snake. A certified animal behaviourist, Jill Goldman told National Geographic that the cucumbers are triggering the felines’ natural startle responses. They may associate the mysterious object with the deadly predators such as snakes. Snakes are known to attack all mammals, and our feline friends are no exception. So, their reactions towards cucumbers can be directly linked to “fear of the predator” theory. Like humans and other creatures, felines can develop a sense of security towards their habitat. Placing any unexpected item behind cats without them noticing is sure to cause a fear. They will be equally startled if they encounter a plastic fish, a pineapple or banana.

Although it can be tempting to try this trick, it’s not really a good idea to scare your cat. Tricking your adorable kitty-cat into thinking a predator has snuck up behind her can cause stress to her. Bear in mind that cats are easily startled, and are very solitary, cautious creatures. Scaring your cat with a harmless cucumber may make her feel no longer safe at home. More importantly, adding stress to her life can lead to various destructive behaviours. Apart from litter box issues and aggression, your cat may not be comfortable eating or sleeping in her regular spot anymore. This is because the fear can be generalized to anything

There is also added danger of your feline friend hurting herself when she tries to run away from fear. She can run into furniture and get wounded. As such, do consider the consequences before pranking your cat. We all love our feline friends and enjoy having fun with them, so it’s important to remember that frightening cats with something isn’t a good idea to bond with them. There are other great ways to play with your cat. For instance, there are many cat toys available for you to spend quality time with your cat.


Source from: PerroPet