[Recipe] One of Hari Raya’s must-haves… Honey Cornflakes!

Yes… The title of this post says it quite appropriately… Definitely in my list of favourite Hari Raya goodies… The recipe I used is my own modified version which requires no baking at all… Simple and easy to make!

50g butter
1 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp of honey
3 cups of cornflakes
Toppings: hundred thousands/choc rice/chopped cherries/etc…
50pcs mini papercups

1) Melt butter, sugar & honey in a frying pan under low heat until frothy…
2) Add in the cornflakes & continue to mix thoroughly under low heat..
3) Switch off the heat & quickly scoop 1tsp into each mini cups while it is still warm..
4) Top with your desired choice of toppings…
5) Let it cool for awhile to harden & voila! It’s done 🙂

Notice that I used a significant amount of honey… The honey makes it sticky & will harden with the sugar once it is cooled.. Hence no baking needed… And personally I think it tastes nicer when unbaked…
Happy trying!


Source: Her Pink Apron Blog – http://herpinkapron.blogspot.my/2012/08/one-of-hari-rayas-must-haves-honey.html