Sales and Services Tax Malaysia 2018 (SST) – Price Watchlist (Hypermarket Version)

“Walao, price will surely increase after SST one!”

Well, nobody should jump to any conclusions just yet! Let Hargapedia find out the answer!

A list of 100 items which comprised of groceries, household, health & beauty products will be monitored at 6 different hypermarket/supermarkets- Giant, Tesco, Econsave, Aeon Big, Aeon and 99Speedmart. These items will be checked in 4 different stages:-

  • Stage 1 (23-24 Aug)- One week before the implementation of SST
  • Stage 2 (30-31 Aug)- Two days before the implementation of SST
  • Stage 3 (1-2 Sept)- First two days of SST
  • Stage 4 (6-7 Sept) – A week after SST

【Update for SST Price Watchlist Stage 4】







Aeon Big





Prices with (*) indicate that they are promotional prices.

Also, the prices for each stage will be released a day after the items get checked, so please be patient and allow us some time to compile the prices for you. We will make sure to notify you once we have done finalizing each stage 😉

On a side note, items that are out of stock in the aforementioned outlets will not be shown in the list.

Check out the Pharmacy Version in the app banner next to the Hyper one if you haven’t already!