Enfagrow A+ Benefits of MFGM! Good for your child’s brain growth?

MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) in Enfagrow A+ milk is a complex combination of lipids and proteins! However, what benefits does it have for our children and why is it important and crucial for children? Below are several amazing benefits that you should know about it!

1. Helps brain cells to connect

Enfagrow benefits of MFGM to brain growth

According to Enfagrow A+, MFGM helps to improves children’s behavioural regulation and DHA has been linked to improved reading and working memory skills.

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Besides, it is shown that 90% of the brain growth occurs in the first 5 years of life, so it is very crucial for you to let your children to consume good quality milk!

2. Support good behavioural & emotional regulation

Enfagrow A+’s MFGM helps to develop good behavioral & emotional regulation! Children will become more positive, confident and calm but also more sociable, alert and better concentration!

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3. Brain will be more stable to transmit information faster

MFGM also forms a sheath around nerve cells in the brain, which coats, insulates, and shields them, allowing them to become more stable and send information more quickly.

4. Support mental & emotional development

Enfagrow good behavioural regulation and emotional regulation

Nowadays, it is not enough to have a high IQ to succeed. The capacity to communicate, understand emotions, and cooperate makes up the other half of EQ. The development of social competence, which is linked to emotional well-being, is crucial during the first five years of life. It can have an impact on a child’s capacity to perform in school and build successful relationships later in life.

5. Builds up immunity

IA preventive effect of MFGM against gastrointestinal infections has been demonstrated, with a considerable reduction in the number of short febrile episodes.

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Now you know the importance and benefits of MFGM, do let your children try out Enfagrow A+’s milk at the Shopee Official Store for a better growth and brain development! You can also go to Enfagrow A+’s website (https://www.enfagrow.com.my/user/sample) to request for free sample or voucher!