Expiring Shopee Coins can be used to clear PTPTN Student Loan!

Pretty sure everyone knows that Shopee has their very own Shopee Coins. These coins are obtainable from cashback purchases or other vouchers. These coins are equivalent to money when buying goods on Shopee hence its really useful. However, sometimes the expiry date is just too close & if we do not have anything to buy, the coins would just disappear and be wasted.

So, we found a solution for this! If you’re a student or have a child still having PTPTN loan debts, you can use these expiring Shopee Coins to clear them! You’ll get to spend those expiring coins & clearing your debt, that’s killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

Step 1

Tap Tickets, Top-ups & Bills, then select PTPTN


Step 2

Tap Bayaran Balik Pinjaman

Step 3

Key in your IC Number

Step 4

Key in the amount you want to pay back.

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Step 5


Do take note that whenever you use ShopeeCoins to pay the loan, there is a RM1 fee that will imposed, so we do recommend trying to accumulate as much coins as possible before paying. 🙂

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