Friso Gold 3 & 4 is different from others? Benefits of Friso Gold!

Friso Gold is unique as it keeps all their process and ingredients natural! Below are the effects and benefits of it is keeping all natural! On a side note, they receive many good reviews on their website where they have 4.9/5 stars for Friso Gold 3 and 4.8/5 stars for Friso Gold 4 from all the mummies out there!

1. Quality milk

NOVAS™ Signature Milk is a high-quality milk that contains naturally tiny molecules with a delicate structure. Milk with sufficient nutrients is indeed important for children’s growth and health!

2. No added sugar or flavour

When there is no added sugar or flavour, the taste will be lighter but more natural goodness! Besides, it also means that it is more natural and healthier than the other brand’s milk!

3. Natural ingredients & Easy to digest

friso gold mild heat process

Nutrients are simple to digest in their natural form. Overheating during the manufacturing of milk, on the other hand, might change the structure of the product and cause the nutrient to be destroyed. Friso Gold uses mild heat during the process of manufacturing the milk, so it is completed safe that all the nutrients in the milk are remained due to Friso Gold’s unique LocNutriTM technology keeps nutrients in their natural structure.

4. Has 50 essential nutrients

friso gold milk 50 nutrients

5. Easy to prepare

Now you know all the benefits of letting your children to drink Friso Gold, do give it a try! You can also go to Friso Gold’s website (https://www.frisogold.com.my/sample-request) to request for free sample!