Huggies Diapers Guide! How to find the right Huggies Diapers?

There’re so many Huggies Diapers collection but how to know which one best suit your baby? No worries, we got your back! Here’s a summary of the differences between each Huggies Diapers Collection!

1. Dry Collection

huggies dry diapers

There’s three types of diapers in this Huggies dry collection which are New Born, Dry Tape and Dry Pants! Strong prevention for leakage, fastest absorbing diaper in Malaysia, up to 10 hours of absorption and it’s breathable!

2. Natural Soft Collection

Natural Soft Huggies Diapers Wet Indicators

Same goes to the previous collection, it has three types in this collection which are New Born, Soft Tape and Soft Pants! It is contained with 100% imported natural cotton, has long hour absorption which is up to 12 hours, hence, it’s suitable for overnight use! A big plus of this collection is that they’re all equipped with wetness indicators which change colours when the diaper is wet, awesome right!

3. Naturemade Collection

nature made huggies diapers urine indicators plant based super thin 5mm 12 hours absorbency

This collection also has three types of diapers which are New Born, Naturemade Tape and Naturemade Pants! Naturesoft liner with 100% European imported natural fiber, no harmful chemicals, with Vitamin E, only 5mm thin with up to 12 hours absorbency which is suitable for overnight use! It also has natural soft liner, poop pocket, soft stretchable waist band, plant based fiber and also chemical free urine indicators!

4. Baby Wipes

It has three types of wipes: Clean Care Baby Wipes, Nourishing Baby Wipes and Pure Clean Baby Wipes! All of the wipes are clinically tested as safe for baby’s skin, free from fragrance, alcohol, and parabens.

clean care baby wipes hargapedia

Clean Care Baby Wipes is effective, and versatile cleaning that wipes away 99% of germs.

nourishing baby wipes hargapedia

Nourishing Baby Wipes is more hydrating, moisturising and soothing as it is formulated with cocoa and shea butter.

pure clean baby wipes hargapedia

Pure Clean Baby Wipes is made with the purest care from 100% water so its safe to use around baby’s mouth.

5. Little Swimmers

Huggies little swimmers hargapedia

This is indeed a great invention as it absorbs the mess without swelling after touching the water in pool! It’s made with unique absorbent, has extra-protective leak guards, stretchable side material and tabs for easy removal or disposal.

Now you know which is best suit for your baby! Follow Hargapedia for more good and important tips or information!