Lifebuoy best on-the-go products! Pandemic essentials that you’ll need!

Germs and bacteria are everywhere and it is indeed a serious problem during this COVID-19 pandemic. Lifebuoy has over 125 years of trusted hygiene and it is also known as the top selling hygiene brand in the world! Here’s a list of Lifebuoy Pandemic Essentials!

1. Hand Sanitiser Gel

lifebuoy sanitiser 50ml

Hand sanitiser is definitely a must get item for all as it will keeps us protected from germs, bacteria or even virus. Lifebuoy hand sanitiser gel kills germs and harmful bacteria with 80% alcohol in a convenient size! It is very helpful as it keeps us protected on-the-go.

2. Hand Wash

lifebuoy hand wash

Other than sanitiser, we should also always wash our hands that can remove germs and bacteria easily. Lifebuoy hand wash uses a special solution that lathers up into a thick, creamy foam that cleanses deeply. Most importantly, it leaves your hands feeling clean and rejuvenated. It also guaranteed 100% germs protection in just 10 seconds!

3. Wet Wipes

lifebuoy wet wipes

For those who dislike hand sanitizer, you may consider this antibacterial wet wipes as it comes in a handy size and you can keep clean and germ free without soap and water anywhere.

Some of these items from Lifebuoy are handy and not that pricey to get so why not carry one around to keep you and your loved ones save during this trying time.