MamyPoko Guide! Which one is the best? What are the difference?

MamyPoko is known to be Japan’s 1st Organic Diaper and they have several types of diaper collection. However, do you really know how to choose and which one best suit your baby? What are the exact difference? We got your back! Read on and by the time you reach the end, you’ll definitely know which one is the best for your baby!


Natural MamyPoko Hargapedia

It uses Organic Cotton which is safe & gentle even on babies with sensitive skin. Besides, it uses additive free ingredients which has no petroleum derived oil, chemical fragrances, latex and artificial colourants. Moreover, it uses combination of olive oil, jojoba oil and rice bran oil with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects. It also has two types which are tape & pants.

Air Fit

Air Fit MamyPoko Hargapedia

It has Air Silky Softeness which ensures babies’ long hour comfort. Secondly, the 3D-Fit Absorb Pad helps to prevent leakages because of its curve fit to body. Lastly, its Breathable Dry Cover which has superior air flow for dry comfort!

Extra Dry

Extra Dry MamyPoko Hargapedia

Its Speed Air Wave sheets helps to absorb instantly which get to keep bottom completely dry! The absorbency is even up to 12 hours! Besides, it prevent rash on your baby by release heat and moisture with its All-Round Breathable.


Standard MamyPoko Hargapedia

It has higher absorbent capacity that prevent leakage, prevent rash and keeps bottom dry. It’s also breathable, and it has Cute Poko Chan Designs which would definitely make your baby even more adorable than they already are!

Kids Pants

Kids Pants MamyPoko Hargapedia

It has a very awesome and powerful absord pad and it is suitable for overnight usage too! It helps to prevent your toddlers from bed wetting as it holds up to 8 cups! It also has boys and girls’ design for your babies! Most importantly, it is comfortable just like an underwear.


Preemie Hargapedia

This one is specially designed for Smaller size newborn’s Best Comfort! It has Curve-fit design, Side Perforated Lines (which is for easy removal), and also Air Silky Softness!

Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes Hargapedia

MamyPoko Wipes is very effective for dirt and germs removal and the choice of wipes are important as it has to be gentle on your baby’s skin. It is using soft cotton material and Green Tea Extract so it won’t give discomfort to babies.

Here’s all of the tips and important information that you should know before purchasing any baby products! Hope it helps you to get a better direction on which diapers to choose for your baby!