Nescafe – The types of coffee! Expresso Vs. Regular Coffee?

New to coffee? Always scared to order coffee from cafe because you don’t really know what are the difference? We got your back! Here’s the list of the types of coffee by Nescafe! Now you can get to buy the perfect coffee from cafes!


Expresso Nescafe

Espresso is a concentrated form of coffee that is served in shots and is used as the base for a variety of other drinks such as cappuccino, latte, americano, and macchiato. It’s made of two ingredients only which are finely ground, 100% coffee, and hot water. Espresso is normally served in small demitasse-style cups and is strong and bold, but delightful. Espresso requires a finer bean grind, but normal coffee can be made with medium ground beans.

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nescafe gold expresso hargapedia
Nescafé Gold Expresso


Cappuccino Nescafe

The perfect blend of espresso, steamed milk, and foam is a cappuccino. The structure of this coffee is all about the even distribution of all ingredients into equal thirds.

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Nescafe Cappucino Hargapedia
Nescafé Cappucino


Latte Nescafe

A latte, also known as a caffè latte, is a milk coffee with a silky layer of foam that serves as the drink’s main attraction. One or two shots of espresso, plenty of steamed milk, and a thin layer of frothed milk on top make up a real latte.

Cappuccino Intense & Double Shot Latte Hargapedia
Nescafé Gold Cappuccino Intense & Nescafé Gold Double Shot Latte


americano nescafe

The only ingredients in an Americano are water and espresso. Depending on the coffee shop or how you’ve decided to prepare it, it’ll be either 1/2 and 1/2 or 1/3 espresso to 2/3 water.

Nescafe Gold Americano Hargapedia
Nescafé Gold Creamy Latte, Americano & Dark Latte


Mocha Nescafe

Mocha is made by combining a shot of espresso with chocolate powder or syrup, then adding milk or cream. It’s similar to a latte in that it’s usually 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk. Yet, a chocolate flavour is added, which can be either milk or dark chocolate.

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Nescafe Mocha Can
Nescafé Mocha Can



The term “macchiato” means “marked” or “stained” in Italian, and refers to a stained or marked coffee. The macchiato is an espresso coffee drink with a small amount of foamed or steamed milk on top to bring out the flavour of the espresso.

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Nescafe Dolce Gusto Latte Macchiato
Nescafé Dolce Gusto Latte Macchiato

Flat White

flat white
Flat White

A flat white is an espresso drink made with micro-foamed milk and a single or double shot of espresso. This microfoam is made from steamed milk that has been infused with air to form small air bubbles that give it a smooth, velvety texture and a creamy flavour.

nescafe gold flat white hargapedia
Nescafé Gold Flat White



The Frappé, as we know and love it in the UK, is pronounced ‘frap-pay’ and roughly translates to ‘iced’ in French. Water, espresso, sugar, milk, and ice are used to make the iced drink, which is shaken, blended, or beaten to combine the components. It’s usually served in a tall glass with whipped cream and other toppings like sweet sauces. A Frappé is traditionally made with coffee, but it isn’t required! Tea, juice, and even hot chocolate are used in some.

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Nescafe Frappe Instant Hargapedia
Nescafé Frappé Instant

Now you know the difference between each types of coffee! Go to the nearest cafe to order a drink now!