Pet Pet Diapers Tips! When your baby needs a diaper change?

Did you know babies urinate 20 times daily especially when they are only several month old? It is recommended to change your baby’s diapers every 2 to 3 hours. However, how do we know it’s time for a diaper change? Here’s 5 tips by Pet Pet that can help all mommies out there!

1. When your baby is crying

baby cries, sign of the need of diaper change pet pet diapers

Because babies have minimal ability to communicate, they will cry to communicate. Good thing is that in a brief period of time, you will be able to differentiate their cries whether they are being fussy, hungry or they need a diaper change.

2. When your baby had a sudden weight change

wet diapers, sign of the need of diaper change, pet pet diapers

A wet diaper is definitely heavier than a dry one. Usually you will notice the difference in weight of the diapers and your baby’s weight after naps!

3. When diapers with wetness indicator change colours

diaper wetness indicator, diaper moistness indicator, goo.n
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Some of the diapers have moistness indicators will change colours when it detects urines or feces. However, do note that a small amount of urines or feces might not be detected by the indicators sometimes.

4. When you smell something weird or nasty

dirty diaper, weird smell, diaper change

It’s good to have a sniff test everytime you are near to your baby and it’s the easiest way to identify the need of diaper change! Sometimes, you will even smell it across the room and that’s time for a diaper change!

5. When they tell you with easy sign language

kid sign language, baby sign language, diaper change

Many researches shown that infants are exposed to sign language early and by 6-8 months old, they would already picked up some easy and direct sign language, super cool right! You can also teach your baby some sign language so that the frustration of not knowing what your baby wants will be lessen.

Now you know when there’s a need of diapers change, that’s 1 problem down as a new parent!

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