PJ Startup Festival 2022

The Hargapedia team attended this year’s PJ Startup Festival 2022 organised by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ). The event was held for two days, on the 16 & 17 July 2022 and over a few thousand people attended, with many amazing speakers from different startup companies that spoke and showcased their products and/or services at the event. The event kicked off with an opening speech from YB Lim Yi Wei, Selangor Adun for Kampung Tunku.

Many people visited the Hargapedia booth and we had the chance to meet many people who were interested in Hargapedia. From a grocery price comparison app, we extended our services into a money saving app for Malaysians, where we provide you a great shopping experience by providing prices of all all types of products, as well as vouchers and discounts accessible right in our app.

Visitors that downloaded the Hargapedia app was given a free packet of coffee.

This opportunity has expanded our reach and allowed us to engage in meaningful conversations with various people that have previously used our app and people that had just found out about us. We received many feedbacks and suggestions that will help us to make improvements to provide everyone with a better experience.

Hargapedia user enjoys using our app as it enables her to save in her grocery shopping by comparing price, checking deals and using free vouchers.

The Hargapedia team is happy to have been given the opportunity to showcase and present our app during the “Best Startup Showcase” event. Hargapedia’s Marketing Managers Krystal Cheong & Lim Sze En were the respective speakers during the showcase event and they highlighted an important issue that most Malaysians aren’t aware of – Shrinkflation, when the price of a product remains or decreases slightly, but the product reduces significantly in size. Both Krystal & Sze En educated the crowd on Shrinkflation & Inflation and explained how Hargapedia can help Malaysians to face this issue.

Marketing Manager Krystal Cheong giving her speech on Shrinkflation.
Marketing Manager Lim Sze En educating visitors on how Hargapedia can help malaysians to save when experiencing inflation and shrinkflation.

We had a great time at the PJ Startup Festival, meeting many new people and catching up with old friends. It was especially exciting to present Hargapedia and of course, we want to thank everyone that came by our booth or stopped by our presentation to support us! If you were unable to make it this time around but would still like to know more about Hargapedia, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have on our social media accounts.

Founder of Hargapedia Mr CK Soon also came to support the team thoughout the whole event.