Visit Japan without leaving the country!

Feeling bored and miss travelling to Japan or always been wanting to visit Japan? You can now plan your trip to Shah Alam during this cmco period! But always remember to abide the SOP and practice social distancing when visiting the park!

There is a new park called Selangor-Japan Friendship Garden located at Seksyen 14, Shah Alam next to Dataran Kemerdekaan. The park just opened its doors to public on 12th March 2021. One step into the park & you’ll instantly feel like you’re in Japan itself! Stop scrolling on your phone or posting throwback photos & start taking new ones here! Besides, the park is completely free & its open from 7am to 10pm daily!

Credit: The Star

“The garden was designed as a token of gratitude to Japan, which has been one of Selangor’s most supportive and long-term investors.” said by mayor Datuk Haris Kasim. He also said that the park covers a total of 2.428 hectares which costs around RM3.8 million.

So, What so unique about this park? There’s the Zen Garden, Maze Pond, Reflexology Space, Stone Basin, Terrace Space and Torii Gateway. Not to forget, there’s a Tsukubai (a stone water basin for purification in Japanese culture).

The park is also filled with lush greenery and natural elements such as wood and stone. The area is also surrounded by bamboo-themed fences, giving it a unique feel compared to other Malaysian tourist attractions.

Image from Remaja
Credit : Sitelink Landscape Architects
Image from Remaja
Credit: Sitelink Landscape Architects
Image from Remaja
Credit: Sitelink Landscape Architects
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Image from Remaja
Credit: Sitelink Landscape Architects
Credit: theSundaily

To complete the entire park will take you roughly 30 minutes, pretty short for such an amazing place! On a side note, there are plenty of park benches and picnic tables where you can sit and rest your legs while you explore!

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