Hargapedia Rate & Review Terms & Conditions

This Rate & Review campaign (“Campaign”) is organized by Ontrack Digital Sdn Bhd hereafter referred as Hargapedia. All applicants and testers (“Participants”) in this Campaign are subject to these Terms or any other terms and conditions that Hargapedia may impose. Hargapedia reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate or modify this Campaign without any liability. By participating in this Campaign, Participants are considered to have agreed to, accepted, and complied with these Terms and any subsequent amendments. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you may not join the Campaign.


  1. This Campaign is open to all Hargapedia App and Web users.
  2. Hargapedia reserves the right to verify the eligibility of each Participant and to disqualify any ineligible individual from (i) participating in this Campaign, and (ii) receiving any reward. Hargapedia may also require the return of any awarded reward. In such an event, Hargapedia reserves the right to select a new Participant for the reward and/or dispose of the reward in any manner it deems fit, at its sole discretion.

Registration and Participation

  1. Participants must provide personal information, including but not limited to their full name as per IC, IC number, address, phone number, email address when filling out the application form.
  2. Participants are responsible for promptly notifying Hargapedia of any changes to the personal information by responding to the email notification of their selection as a tester.
  3. In the application form, Participants are required to answer questions related to the product category involved in the Campaign.
  4. Hargapedia will select testers based to the Participants profile and their responses in the application form.
  5. Participants chosen as testers will receive notification via email or WhatsApp.

Sample Distribution

There are several distribution methods for different Campaigns, including but not limited to:

  1. The client will deliver the samples to selected testers using their chosen courier service.
  2. Hargapedia will purchase the samples, repackage them, and send them to selected testers using our chosen courier service.
  3. Hargapedia will order the samples from E-Commerce Marketplace or other online websites and deliver them directly to selected testers using the websites’ chosen courier service.
  4. Selected testers will purchase the samples themselves using the method specified by Hargapedia and seek reimbursement from Hargapedia with valid proof of purchase within the budget sey by Hargapedia.

Use of Samples

  1. Selected testers must try the product immediately upon receiving it.
  2. Participants should only apply products if they are genuinely interested in trying them out.

Rewards and Judging Criteria

  1. Participants who submit reviews, photos, and videos that meet the requirements in the mission card will be eligible for rewards.
  2. The value of rewards may vary for different Campaigns. Hargapedia will communicate the details of rewards to Participants during the recruitment stage in the pre-screen survey and/or through the mission card when selected testers receive the samples..
  3. Participants will receive notification of their rewards via email or text. All Participants are required to respond to Hargapedia or its designee (hargapedia@intrack.com.my) within 3 working days of receiving the notification. Hargapedia reserves the right to terminate or forfeit entries if a Participant does not respond within 3 working days.
  4. Hargapedia reserves the right to determine the type of rewards awarded to Participants based on various campaigns, surveys, and promotional activities.
  5. Rewards are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Hargapedia reserves the right to replace any rewards with another of equivalent value without prior notice. Hargapedia accepts no responsibility for any variation in the reward values.
  6. Hargapedia will take reasonable efforts to inform and adhere to the actual collection/delivery date of all rewards but will not be held responsible for any delays.
  7. The results will be considered final, and Hargapedia will not entertain any appeals. Instructions for reward collection will be given to the Participant(s) in the notification. No compensation will be due to the Participants who fail to claim the reward within the stipulated time.
  8. To the extent permitted by law, no representations or warranties are made as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of any reward(or any part of it). Acceptance of any reward will, to the extent permitted by law, constitute a full release and discharge of Hargapedia by each Participant from any and all liability, claims, demands, causes of action, and/or damages which the Participant may have, whether known or unknown at the present time, of any nature whatsoever, arising out of or relating to: (i) this Campaign; (ii) personal injury and/or property damage, theft or loss suffered by the Participant as a result of the use and/or enjoyment of the reward; and/or (iii) any tax liabilities in relation to this Campaign, reward and/or use or enjoyment of the same.

Review and Feedback

  1. Selected testers must submit genuine reviews in text, photo and/or video format within 7 days of receiving the product.
  2. Selected testers are expected to adhere to the mission’s requirements when writing text review, taking photo, and recording video review.
  3. Hargapedia reserves the right to withhold rewards from testers who submit reviews that do not meet the requirements or are submitted late.
  4. Participants who receive the product but do not provide the required reviews in text, photo, and/or video as specified in the mission card will be blacklisted and ineligible to receive any samples from Hargapedia in the future.
  5. Review should be based on your genuine experience with the product being reviewed. We do not condone or allow fake or misleading reviews.
  6. Offensive language, hate speech, personal attacks, irrelevant or spammy content, promotional or marketing content is not allowed. We reserve the right to moderate, edit, remove or reject content that does not meet these standards.
  7. Participants should not include personal information, contact information, address of the in the review or disclose personal information of individuals mentioned in the review content without consent.
  8. Participants are responsible for their content. By submitting the review, they agree to take full responsibility for the accuracy, legality, and appropriateness of their reviews.


Hargapedia take all necessary steps to ensure that personal information you provide is processed fairly and lawfully. Only authorised staff has access to personal information and they are obliged to respect its confidentiality. We do not sell, rent or exchange the personal information supplied by you to any third party.

Hargapedia will use your personal information solely for the purposes of confirming testers, rewards, delivering samples and rewards, and sharing survey results with third parties. Your participation is voluntary, and by proceeding with the Campaign, you indicate your acceptance and agreement to these Terms & Conditions.

Intellectual Property

Hargapedia can disclose the Participant’s opinion in text, photo, and/or video format, as well as other personal information to Hargapedia’s clients. These clients can themselves disclose such opinion and other personal information to the public. Hargapedia’s clients can publish the Participant’s opinion under their name as provided in the pre-screen survey or when creating an account on Hargapedia.

Hargapedia retains the property right to all reviews, photos, and videos submitted by Participants in any Campaign and/or Hargapedia Rate & Review section. Participants accept and grant Hargapedia the right to communicate, reproduce and represent all or part of their reviews, photos, and videos, free of charge, on any medium and for an unlimited time. Consequently, Hargapedia is allowed to use these reviews, photos, and videos for commercial purposes. Furthermore, Participants accept that Hargapedia can authorize third parties to reproduce the reviews, photos, and videos submitted by Participants.

Liability and Indemnification

The use of the product sent to the Participant by Hargapedia is the unique and sole responsibility of the Participant. Hargapedia and the manufacturers/distributors of the product are in no way responsible for issues arising from the use of the product. Participants are responsible for any damages caused by misuse or non-compliance with the product.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, each Participant, by entering this Campaign, expressly releases Hargapedia from any claim, action or demand arising out of or in connection with this Campaign or their voucher, if any. Participants will indemnify Hargapedia, its agents, employees, representatives, associates, affiliates, parent and subsidiary companies against any and all claims, losses, costs, damages, liability and expenses arising out of the Participant’s breach of any of these Terms.


  1. Hargapedia is not liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss), or for personal injury suffered or sustained, as a result of participation in this Campaign, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.
  2. This Terms and Conditions shall be further subject to:

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