Musang King Ice Cream Review! Is it really that good?

NESTLÉ Musang King Ice Cream has been popping off among Malaysians this year! It’s known to taste like the REAL THING🍨! Let’s see what most of the consumers said after eating it:

nestle musang king ice cream hargapedia
Credits: KL Foodie

Musang King ice cream from Nestlé Malaysia is made with MSW durians. Given how rich, thick and creamy MSW durians are, we’re guessing it’ll beat all the ice cream flavours they’ve tried in their lives for durian fans.

nestle musang king ice cream hargapedia reviews
musang king ice cream reviews
ice cream review
ice cream review

Even cats also like the smell of this Musang King Ice Cream🤣!


Wow, you can also give it a try even when you’re not a fan of durian!

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After seeing all these reviews, guess you probably want to eat one yourself already! Compare the price of it among all retailers at Hargapedia before grab it on the go and satisfy your durian cravings anytime & anywhere.